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Measuring Posts HubNami-Style

How do you measure the effectiveness of a post?

As we all know, the answer to that question can range from whimsical to indecipherable, depending on who you ask. Even when you use real numbers, things can get confusing. When measuring social media you often face differing audience sizes, engagement rates, seasonal, industry and event motivators – the variables seem infinite.  


How Under Armour uses Retailers and Influencers to Dominate Social Media

It should be no surprise that brands in the action sports and fitness category are extremely active and savvy at social media marketing.  There is however, one brand that is executing a multi faceted, three-pronged approach with huge success. Under Armour has been uniquely leveraging all of its social assets and relationships across Facebook to increase brand awareness and drive huge numbers of engagements. Over the last quarter Under Armour has posted jaw dropping numbers that exceed the results of top performers across categories. 

How To Measure Twitter Engagement

Whether you’re new to Twitter or you have been at it for years, it’s important to know what engagement is and how to measure it.  The reason that Twitter engagement is such a key performance indicator (KPI) is that it measures every time someone interacts with your brand inside Twitter. It's a great indicator of how interesting people find your content and your brand -  a form of brand health.

How to Measure Engagement

One of the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for Facebook is Engagement. Understanding how your followers are engaging with your brand across Facebook, not only gives you a clear understanding of brand awareness but also provides an important KPI into the success of your content and messaging.


What is Facebook Engagement?


The 5Ws of a Great Social Command Center

I wanted to share an interesting article from Marketing Mag on Social Media Command Centers. We particularly like their comments on the need to automate monitoring so social media managers are able to spend the bulk of their time driving engagement with their communities vs. wrangling data. Hubnami is helping social media managers around the globe automate reporting and set up alerts to reduce the man hours needed to monitor efforts. Check it out. Best, Aaron

The 5Ws of a Great Social Command Center

Pinterest “Buy” Button

Will the Pinterest “Buy” Button really change online shopping? This is the question that a lot of digital marketers, advertisers and social media analyst are asking. In an attempt to further monetize the app, Pinterest will soon become a major player in the e-commerce space by connecting buyers and sellers with the Pinterest “Buy’ Button.