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Donald Trump vs Paul Ryan

Donald Trump’s recent comments about the heritage of federal judge Gonzalo Curiel have renewed the friction between the GOP’s presidential nominee and the GOP’s Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Trump’s statement and Ryan’s response is the latest in a difficult conversation between the two theoretical allies. The tension has put both men in the news repeatedly over the past month and also created a reasonable amount of media buzz. 

Using HubNami for Social Good


An Interview with The Conservation Alliance

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Josie Norris, Program Manager for the Conservation Alliance and one of HubNami’s many users in the public sector. At HubNami we provide free accounts to nonprofit organizations, allowing them access to the same high-powered tools used by our corporate clients.

Measuring Posts HubNami-Style

How do you measure the effectiveness of a post?

As we all know, the answer to that question can range from whimsical to indecipherable, depending on who you ask. Even when you use real numbers, things can get confusing. When measuring social media you often face differing audience sizes, engagement rates, seasonal, industry and event motivators – the variables seem infinite.