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Boost Your Reach

If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, you must use ads. Generating ads that increase reach, drive engagement and boost interactions are key to running a successful Facebook marketing campaign. A lot of small business just don't have the time, energy or budget to run long, detailed and expensive advertising campaigns. If you fall into this category, this is what I suggest you do.

Chevy Outperforms Honda

Using HubNami’s free dashboard builder, I was able to quickly see who is the King of the Social Road. By aggregating the total audiences of the top 5 automotive manufactures; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages I was able to see that Chevrolet reigns King of the Social Road.

Heineken Beats Budweiser For King Of Beers

We have all seen the the commercials “Budweiser...The King Of Beers” and for the most part, that has always been true. Budweisers all American label and majestic Clydesdales have been an iconic American beverage for generations. For decades happy drinkers have gathered together in social settings to enjoy their ice cold Budweiser. Those Bud loyalist have also joined up on social media and amassed an impressive social audience of over 12 million fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Soccer Mvp Of Social

With the 2014 Fifa World Cup wrapping up and the whole world going crazy over soccer, I decided to find out who is the Social Media MVP?

David Beckham comes in #3 with his 44 million Facebook fans.

David Beckham Social Stats

Hubnami Enters Into Strategic Business Alliance With Transcosmos

San Francisco, CA May 18th, 2015 – HubNami, Inc., a fast-growing social media monitoring and analytics firm and transcosmos inc., a leading global business process company, today announced that they have signed a strategic business alliance to deploy HubNami’s analytics platform to transcosmos’ client base of over 100 companies throughout Asia. This partnership opens up a new suite of world class social media management tools to key Asian markets. HubNami platform highlights include: analytics, broadcasting and competitor tracking.