• M M E E

    All you need to know about M.M.E.E. is that is that I always Monitor, Measure, Engage and Evolve the business. Whether I’m removing a bad review on Yelp, Tweeting about my small business or uploading pictures on Facebook or Instagram. I’m always evolving my business and monitoring my success.

  • The Guide To Social Media Do It Yourself Marketing

    Do you run a small business? If you do, then you already know that you don’t have enough time to manage Facebook, Twitter, LInkedin, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram and Yelp by yourself. You probably don’t have enough time to manage even one of those on your own and if you do, its not going very well. A recent study shows that it takes small and midsize companies about 32 hours a month to manage one social media platform adequately. Let’s be honest, that’s just too much time to be spending on social media when you have so many other things you could be working on.

  • Facebook Ad Campaign Checklist

    Developed with simplicity in mind, the Facebook ad’s manager platform has become a favorite for small businesses. Many small business owners with a “Do It Yourself” attitude can finally build their own ad campaigns and deliver targeted advertisements without hiring a social media manager or expensive advertisement agency.

    Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign will take time and preparation. However, Facebook has created a simple and easy walk through checklist that will guide you through the entire process.

  • How Social Media Is Taking Business Back To The Days Of Old

    There is a common misconception today that social media is a new way of doing business; when in fact it is the opposite. In the book “The Science of Social” Jeremiah Owyang makes the point that social media has opened the door for businesses to return to the “days of old.” When buyers and sellers openly exchanged goods and services with direct personal contact. Long before today’s hi-tech world of digital advertising and corporate branding, business was being conducted face to face with real conversations and real human interactions.

  • Start Building Your Community

    Are you still operating under the misconception that simply being on social media is enough? Do you think that social media is the best place to broadcast all of your marketing campaigns because you can reach so many people? Well if you’re like most small businesses out there, you probably answered yes to both of those questions. But let me ask you this. How are you being social and building community if all you do is speak and never listen? You’re probably missing the point of what it means to be social online and you’re missing out on ways to maximize your return on investment.

  • What Day Of The Week Should I Post On Facebook

    Lets think about this for a minute... What part of the week are people less focused on work and more on other things like social media?

    Thursdays and Fridays of course!

    According to Beth Cooper over at Buffer App, engagement rates go up by 18% on Thursdays and Fridays. Additionally 86% of Facebook posts are published between Monday and Fridays. So it goes without saying that the best time to post would be towards the end of the workweek.

  • Explaining The Difference Between Impressions And Reach

    So what is the difference between Reach and Impressions? Well if you’re like most small business advertisers, you have probably asked yourself this question and still have no idea. You know that you want your content to be displayed in the News Feed of as many people as possible, but how do you know how many people actually saw your content. Because Reach and Impressions are so often confused and mixed up, let's clearly define them and then figure out why they are important to you.

  • 5 Places To Get Free Pics For Social Media Posts

    There is nothing more important than your image when making a social media post. Your image is the first thing that people see and is often the only reason that people like or favorite your post. So how do you get good quality images off the Internet without violating copyright laws? It’s no secret that most of the pictures and images that you see in your news feed don’t belong to the person that posted them. This can be tricky though, epically if you are a small business or social media manager posting on behalf of your clients.

  • The Basics Of Hashtags In Social Media

    The symbol # placed before a word or phrase is called a Hashtag. It is used to mark keywords or topics in a social media post. Hashtags are a way to group content and create discussion across social media. By creating Hashtags, users are able to direct their content into groups or discussions amongst large audiences. Hashtags have become the single greatest way to maximize your content exposure on Twitter and Instagram. When you use Hashtag, large audiences are able to follow and find your content without actually being your friend or follower.