Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Tools For Success

Let face it, small businesses are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to online marketing. Going head to head with multimillion-dollar companies and their teams of expert marketers makes it difficult for small business owners to stay competitive and keep up a rapidly changing online market place. Without the proper tools, small businesses are flying blind and left scrambling to find new solutions to reach their core consumers and engage new customers.

2014, is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for small businesses on social media. A Mantra survey of 600 small businesses across America shows that 90% of small businesses are actively engaging in social media across many different platforms. However, of those 90% actively engaging on social media, a staggering 58% say they struggle with attracting new customers and promoting their Facebook pages. With nearly 40% indicating that they spend nearly a quarter of their time networking online, the question becomes “What social media tools do I need to maximize my return on investment?” Fortunately for the small businesses owners of today, the creators of HubNami have answered that question.