Take Advantage of Winning Moments


Social media managers; take note.  Not only did the Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championships in decisive fashion but they also took advantage of the winning moment to grow their audience and drive engagement.  

As you can see, prior to going into the Finals the Cleveland Cavaliers had a commanding lead in both Facebook and Instagram followers. However, on 6/6/15, the Warriors social media marketing team turned up the heat and blew away the competition.


Check out these key stats from 6/3/14-6/18/15



New Fans= 667,362 an increase of 19.71%

Engagements= 11,624,611 increase of 44%



New Fans= 264,851 and increase of 7%

Engagements= 7,758,068 increase of 21%




New Followers= 302,448 an increase of 25%

Engagements= 7,511,316



New Followers= 130,454 an increase of 11%

Engagements= 5,268,878



So the lesson here is: if you are a social media manager be sure take advantage of winning moments for your brand, team, celebrity, or athlete to ramp up activity, pull new fans in, and drive engagement with your existing fan base.