The Social Agent

If you ask anyone who has ever bought a new home what their number one piece of advice is, they will tell you to find a good agent. Having a good real estate agent can literally make or break your home buying experience. But what are buyers and sellers suppose to do when it comes to choosing the right agent? Choosing the right agent can be a difficult choice for both buyers and sellers due to the vast number of options available.

The difference between good agents and great agents is the ability to adapt to market fluctuations while serving their current clients and at the same time attracting new ones. In recent years, the real estate market has had some serious ups and downs. Many good agents have maintained their traditional means of attracting new clients and have promoted their listings with some success. But in recent years, many great agents have not only relied on traditional industry standards, but have turned to social media to promote new listings, attract new clients and stay connected with old friends.

Social Agents of today are the thought leaders in the industry. Many great agents are positioning themselves on social media as the foremost experts and most trusted advocates within the real estate market. By using social media to show new listings and connect with buyers and sellers, agents are building relationships that go beyond traditional sales and marketing norms. By leveraging social media to their advantage, many real estate agents are boosting their agencies success by driving more sales and fostering lasting relationships with their clients.