How Social Media Is Taking Business Back To The Days Of Old

There is a common misconception today that social media is a new way of doing business; when in fact it is the opposite. In the book “The Science of Social” Jeremiah Owyang makes the point that social media has opened the door for businesses to return to the “days of old.” When buyers and sellers openly exchanged goods and services with direct personal contact. Long before today’s hi-tech world of digital advertising and corporate branding, business was being conducted face to face with real conversations and real human interactions. Owyang makes that point that technology, in the form of social media has finally caught up with the days of old. Social technology is allowing people and businesses to directly connect, engage and be social like they once did.

Social interactions are once again taking place between businesses and consumers through social technology. The same types of interactions from the days of old are now happening online through social media. The only difference now, is that these market places are online and the interactions are globalized. The way in which people do business has not changed into something new; it’s that technology has finally caught up with the way businesses and people have always interacted.

Many businesses, both big and small feel like they need to change and adapt a new strategy with the emergence of social media into online market places. Though there are some new things to get acquainted to, ultimately your business priorities will remain the same. In fact, social media can and should become one of your greatest strengths and enhance your business opportunities on every level. Businesses now have the opportunity to connect with and build a community of their customers in a global online market place that never sleeps.

The businesses that have the most social success are the ones that go back to the fundamental values of the days of old. Re-invoking core community based values that foster and nurture past, present and future relationships are key to unlocking social success. Social media should be an extension of any businesses customer service. Apply the same values and principles to your social media that you do with your customer service, and this will surely resonate within your online community.

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