Heineken Beats Budweiser For King Of Beers

We have all seen the the commercials “Budweiser...The King Of Beers” and for the most part, that has always been true. Budweisers all American label and majestic Clydesdales have been an iconic American beverage for generations. For decades happy drinkers have gathered together in social settings to enjoy their ice cold Budweiser. Those Bud loyalist have also joined up on social media and amassed an impressive social audience of over 12 million fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. But is being an iconic American beer with 12 million fans on social media enough to be considered the King of Beers…? I dont think so.

Budweiser Social Stats

Heineken, the new King of Beers. With its dazzling green bottle and European name, Heineken has established itself as the number one beer on social. Frost brewed in the Netherlands for the past 40 years, Heineken has not only become one of the most enjoyed and iconic beers in the world but has also fostered a social community that puts all others to shame. At almost 18 million fans and followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Heineken has established themselves as the new King of Beers.

Heineken Social Stats

If you are interested in how some of the other Beer brands are doing on social media, I built this custom dashboard using HubNami’s free social media tool. Feel free to sign up and add to this board or make your own.

Beer Industry Social Stats

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