Facebook Ad Campaign Checklist

Developed with simplicity in mind, the Facebook ad’s manager platform has become a favorite for small businesses. Many small business owners with a “Do It Yourself” attitude can finally build their own ad campaigns and deliver targeted advertisements without hiring a social media manager or expensive advertisement agency.

Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign will take time and preparation. However, Facebook has created a simple and easy walk through checklist that will guide you through the entire process.

Below I have outlined the key steps that you will need to follow to create and deliver your first Facebook ad campaign.

Campaign Results:

The first step is selecting what type of results you want from your ad campaign. Simple point and click options make it easy to select what type of results you want from your ads, and allow you set custom landing page URL’s if desired.

Pictures and Images:

When it comes too social advertising, the image is the most important thing. You will need to spend some time selecting and testing what types of images best represent your brand, message, product and service. And most importantly, what images will attract the most amount of clicks. You can easily find this out by using a social media analytics tool like the one offered at HubNami.com. Facebook allows you to upload up to 6 images per ad. You will quickly be able to see what images are reaching the most people and what images get clicked on the most.

Text and Headlines:

After you set your pictures, you will then need to decide the text you should use to grab the attention of your audience. Keep your text within the spirit of your product and make sure that you get your point across. Many advertisers will use a call to action to gain the attention of their audience. Another suggestion is to correlate your text with your picture. This is a great way to get more user engagement and have more people click on your ads.

Headline- In 18 characters or less, Add a headline that grabs peoples attention and tells them what your add is about.

Text- In 90 characters or less, tell your audience more about your URL and what you are promoting.

Targeting Demographics:

Next, you will need to begin narrowing down who sees your ads. One of the great things about Facebook advertising is that you can narrowly tailor the specific demographics that you target. For instances, you can specifically target people by age, gender, interests and more. So if you only wanted single, 40 year old women from Texas who are interested in beauty and sports to see your ads; no problem. It really has never been easier to put targeted ads directly in front of whom you want and only whom you want.

  • Select age groups- If you already know you have a gender specific product, this is a no brainer. However if you don’t know weather or not men or women prefer your product or deal, this is a great time to do some testing. Trying running two separate ads exactly the same but one only targeting men and one only targeting women. The results will then determine what gender prefers your ads and whom you should target with that type of ad content.
  • Where is your target group located- If you only have one physical location and you don’t do much ecommerce, the answer is simple. You only advertise to people in your area. However if you run an online business, you will want to test where your target group is located.
  • Target group interests- what types of interests would people who use your product have? When you know, target people with those interests. It’s that easy.

Set your Budget:

Before you ever start advertising, you need to make a budget and determine what you are willing to spend each day on your Facebook ad campaigns. The good news is that even if your budget is very small, Facebook allows daily spend limits as low as $1.00 per day. At $1.00 a day, you will not see much activity but over the course of a month you may get 10-15 new likes. Of course, the more you spend the better your chances are of reaching more people and getting more eyeballs on your ads. But remember, its not always about how much you spend, but how well are your ads put together. I have seen poorly constructed ads with big budgets be out matched by well-constructed ads on small budgets.

To put you at ease, remember that you will never spend more than your daily limit. No matter how many new likes or click you have, you can always set the max amount you will ever spend, no matter what happens.

You will also want to choose a bidding strategy after you set your budget. To make this simple, just think about it like this “How much are you willing to pay for one click?” If you have a small budget I recommend letting Facebook set their auto-bid and don’t even worry about it. If you have a big budget, you will want to test, test, test and figure out what is the best bidding strategy for you.

So get out there and run a few ads. At $1.00 a day how much do you really have to loose? If you would like to use HubNami’s free social media management tool or need any help setting up your Facebook ad campaigns please do not hesitate to ask.

I can be reached at Justin@hubnami.com.