Chevy Outperforms Honda

Using HubNami’s free dashboard builder, I was able to quickly see who is the King of the Social Road. By aggregating the total audiences of the top 5 automotive manufactures; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube pages I was able to see that Chevrolet reigns King of the Social Road.

Chevrolet at this point remains number one with 3,976,717 total followers, but Honda is close behind with 3,921,407. The one thing that really stands out, is that over the past 90 days, Chevy has seen a total audience growth by almost 48%. Compare that to Honda over the same course of time and you will see that their growth has only increased by 20%. The numbers speak for themselves here. Chevrolet is doing a much better job on social than Honda is, and if Chevy keeps it up, they will leave Honda in the dust.

The most impressive numbers over the past 90 days, did not come from Chevy or Honda; but instead from Ford. Ford dropped into another gear and blew the doors off the competition by increasing their total social audience by 49% over the past 90 days. If Ford can continue this growth over the next 90 days, they will blow past Honda and it will be a race to the finish with Chevy and Ford neck to neck.

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Full Top 5 Auto Stats

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