Boost Your Reach

If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, you must use ads. Generating ads that increase reach, drive engagement and boost interactions are key to running a successful Facebook marketing campaign. A lot of small business just don't have the time, energy or budget to run long, detailed and expensive advertising campaigns. If you fall into this category, this is what I suggest you do.

Try using the “Boost Post” option. Start with finding your posts with the highest engagement rate. In other words look back on your past uploaded content and find the post that had the most likes, comments and shares. These things combined equal your engagement rate and translate into your most engaging content. Once you find your post with the highest engagement rate, select the “Boost Post” option.

From here you can easily deliver targeted ads for as little as $1.00 a day. You will be able to segment and narrow who sees your post so that those that have already seen it are left out. The great thing about using the “Boost Post” option is that you already know that the content you are serving up, has been successful in the past. It’s simple and easy and in less than 5 minutes, you can have your boosted post reaching more people and driving engagement.
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