Agile Market Sprint Agenda

1. Planning for the Sprint:

Before each sprint, you will want to plan a meeting with your team to begin going over your goals and expectations. This meeting should be between 1 hour to a full day, depending on the size and duration of the marketing sprint. This is where you and your team can set up clear objectives and goals and divide the tasks and responsibilities accordingly.

2. Set the exact start and end date of the sprint:

You will need to set the exact dates when your sprint campaign starts and finishes. Do not extend or cut short any part of your sprint for any reason or you will collect impartial data.

3. Set up clear measurable goals:

You will want to decide what you would like to achieve with your sprint and what resources you will devote to achieving those goals. What are your goals (increase revenues, more sign ups, leads, website traffic) in the sprint? What resources are you dedicating (budget, hours, contractors, etc.) to achieve those goals?

4. Set aside some resources:

Set aside 10-20% of your resources for the unexpected. This will give you the ability to remain agile during your marketing campaign. Each element of your sprint will be budgeted accordingly and it’s important to always have resources in reserve.

5. Reevaluate all elements of your sprint:

Determine what goals are realistic and how you will accomplish the desired outcome.