5 Places To Get Free Pics For Social Media Posts

There is nothing more important than your image when making a social media post. Your image is the first thing that people see and is often the only reason that people like or favorite your post. So how do you get good quality images off the Internet without violating copyright laws? It’s no secret that most of the pictures and images that you see in your news feed don’t belong to the person that posted them. This can be tricky though, epically if you are a small business or social media manager posting on behalf of your clients. Of course you don’t want to go out and steal someone else images, but with it being so easy, a lot of people do it.

So really the question becomes, where can I get free images for my social media and blog posts without ticking anyone off? Well I have put together a list of 5 reputable online sources that allow you download and share their public images for free!


Every week, IStock makes a new set of free photos available online. With millions of options available within their database, you will surely find what you are looking for. Create an account and explore all of their options, be careful though many of the photos that you probably really like, come with a hefty price.


Sign up for free and explore what they have to offer. Many of the free images may seem low quality, but they might be the perfect fit for your daily user updates.

Free Digital Photos

This may be a great option for those of you out there looking for some fun images to add to your website or techie blogs. All they really want you to do is give a shout out to the artist or photographer.

Free Images

Free Images is an easy place to browse around for something that you may like. With over 400,000 images to choose from, Free Images is a great place to swoop something up; quick and easy.


The site may not look pretty but they have a lot to choose from. One of the nice things about BigFoto, is that they do not require a log in to browse their selections.

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