Instagram and Facebook data update
It’s been several months since Facebook took drastic measures in shutting down several services
in the wake of the Cambridge Analyitica data situation. We have several updates regarding our
status, our product and our ability to serve our customers. 
First of all, we would again like to apologize to all of our customers for any inconvenience 
experienced throughout the last several months. Facebook has required us here at HubNami (and 
10’s of thousands of other companies and apps) to prove that we are one of the “good-guys”, in
order to have our data restored. We are very happy to announce that as of August 1st, HubNami 
has been approved and certified to continue providing both Facebook and Instagram data to our
Instagram data and comments:
Instagram data has been restored on the HubNami platform. There are two significant issues which
our customers should note in regards to this:
1. Facebook changed the policy for what kinds of Instagram account data can be pulled by 3rd 
party providers. Prior to the Instagram outage we were able to pull the data for
any kind of Instagram account. This meant both business and personal. After Instagram data was
restored, 3rd party vendors were only allowed to pull Instagram business account data, but not
personal account data. 
This has been a point of confusion for a lot of our customers. One
significant problem we’ve encountered is that many legitimate large companies have not set their
Instagram account to “business” (this is done through linking your Facebook business page to your Instagram
account and specifically making your account a “business” account). Customers have asked us questions
like: “ABC, Inc. is a large and famous company, but we cannot pull their data in HubNami, is Hubnami
having a problem?”. The answer has been that these companies have not gone through the process of
converting their Instagram account from personal to business, thus we cannot pull their data. 
The future for Instagram: Facebook has made announcements that 3rd party vendors ability to pull
data may be affected in the future as Facebook sees fit. Please stay tuned for future updates. 
2. You can no longer search for Instagram accounts in HubNami. Prior to the outage you could type in
a few letters of an account name and we would make suggestions based on data we received from Instagram.
They turn this feature off so in order for you obtain data for an Instagram account on HubNami, you
need to input the exact URL of the account you want to follow. There are more details about this procedure
on the input page inside our product.
Facebook data and comments:
Unbeknownst to our customers, there was an impending Facebook data doom on the horizon for August 1st
2018. Fortunately HubNami was quick to apply for data approval from Facebook several months ago, thus
we were approved and verified as a Facebook data vendor on July 31st. We are currently unencumbered 
regarding our ability to pull data via the Facebook API’s.