Data restoration
Dear HubNami clients,
In the wake of the Facebook data issues, social analytics companies have been struggling to keep up with the changes. Please know
that we have been working night and day to keep as much data flowing, accurate and delivered to you on a daily basis. We do sincerely
apologize for the losses and changes in data as we understand and recognize that these key insights drive the decision making process
of your business. 
We currently believe that the significant portion of the bad news is behind us. Instagram was shut down, some Facebook data was slightly
changed and data flow has been affected. The good news is that Facebook has just re-opened their data application process and clarified
steps for restoring data.
HubNami immediately applied for both Instagram and Facebook data we believe that as a “good” player in the industry, we should be
approved in the very near future. The timeline for data reinstatement is not published by Facebook, but we are optimistic that the new
process should be smooth. 
Once we are re-approved by Facebook, we expect data levels should be similar to the pre-shut-down levels. One specific example
of data we know we will not be able to obtain in the future is personal Instagram account information. Only business Instagram accounts
will have their data accessible for review. 
Again, we apologize for this situation and will continue to communicate our progress and work to restore all services to the
maximum levels permitted by Facebook. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to your
account manager or contact general support with any questions you may have.
Thank you,
Darshaun Nadeau