Facebook and Instagram data issues

HubNami platform update

In recent weeks Facebook has recently received significant coverage regarding data, privacy and the Cambridge Analytica data
harvesting problem. Among this news, there has been the question: “What is Facebook doing about it?”. The answer
to this question was not clear until yesterday, March 4th, when Facebook took sudden and drastic measures in regards to 3rd
party apps ability to access their Facebook and Instagram API’s (Application Protocol Interface’s).
Starting yesterday when Facebook implemented these changes, HubNami’s platform was affected. We are currently experience
the following technical difficulties:
1. Ability to add Facebook pages to Dashboards
2. Ability to add Instagram accounts to Dashboards
Our technical team is working diligently to find a way to resolve these issues.
At this point in time today we are not seeing any other problems with our platform and data is being displayed properly. That said,
Facebook has announced that they can/will make additional aggressive changes in the future as they see fit. 
HubNami will continue to monitor the situation closely and keep our users up to date regarding their accounts. 
Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or general support with any questions you may have.
Additional information: