Continued Facebook and Instagram degraded service update

It’s been two days since Facebook and Instagram took drastic measures in shutting down access

to their API’s. We will explain how these changes are affecting HubNami. 
No results for Facebook or Instagram when trying to add brands to dashboards. 
We are working on a solution to this problem for Facebook and expect a resolution before April
13th. There is currently no clear solution for Instagram, but we will keep you updated. 
No statistic or metric data for Instagram in dashboards.
Instagram is offering a new data access path, but it is not clear how long before this is accessible and it is not clear if
the level of service will match that of our previous offering. 
All other metrics, data, graphs, listening, etc. in HubNami are not being affected by the Facebook or 
Instagram changes. As of today, we are still pulling in extensive Instagram data in our listening tool.
Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager or general support with any questions you may