Reporting by Post Type

We all know that what medium you post in is important, but have you ever considered what combination of post types is right for your brand? If you have, do you know if you are achieving that goal?

HubNami Post Types Report lets you see at a glance if you are successfully striking the right balance. You can use it to measure your own social media program or to understand what is driving a competitor’s success. Either way, it’s a quick and powerful tool to help you get the most out of your many posting choices.

1. Choose a brand, channel and date range from your dashboard. 

2. Switch the view to Content and from the Content tab, choose the Post types report drop-down.

3.  Use the easy-to-read graphs to quickly understand posts by type, posts per day, engagement per post, engagement per post type, plus posts and engagement by percentage. Use the Export all tab to download and easily share with your team.