Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Stories

photo by Mediakix

We loved this great piece by Tubefilter that highlights new research on the decline of Snapchat Stories and the rise of Instagram use. The article and the underlying research follow a set of influencers over a 6-month period to put numbers behind this growing trend. It neatly assesses some of the features that have made Snapchat hard to monetize and have turned Instagram into a goliath. Well worth a read and an even deeper dive into the underlying Mediakix research. 

photo by Mediakix

By Geoff Weiss - October 12, 2017 -

Snapchat is drastically losing favor among social influencers, according to a new study by social marketing company Mediakix, which found that Stories usage was down 33% over the course of a six-month period ended last August.

Accordingly, influencers are now posting Instagram Stories twice as often as Snapchat Stories, reports Mediakix, which brokers deals with many top influencers and says it has noticed a decline in Snapchat inquiries.

The study examined the number of Stories posted to Snapchat and Instagram by 12 influencers over the course of a 30-day period in August. The creators surveyed included: Alexis RenAlex LangeAmanda CernyArielle VandenbergCurtis Lepore, the Eh Bee FamilyHannah StockingKing BachLele PonsLoganaulMatt Cutshall (pictured above), and Shay Mitchell. It then compared findings to comparable figures gathered from the same creators six months prior.

“On average, influencers posted 7.6 Stories per day on Instagram, compared to 3.5 Stories per day on Snapchat,” the firm concluded. And compared to the same study conducted in February, “there was a 33% decrease in Snapchat Stories usage and a 14% increase in Instagram Stories usage,” according to the company.

Venezuelan social luminary Pons, for instance, told Mediakix that she’d choose Instagram Stories over Snapchat Stories, and called the former platform — where she counts more than 19 million followers — “a great tool to utilize if you’re focused on building your following while keeping your followers engaged.”

photo by Mediakix

And Cutshall says that Snapchat’s biggest failing was changing the ability for Stories to roll into one another in a chronological sequence — a feature that remains available on Instagram, and bolsters discoverability. While Cutshall said that he prefers Snapchat’s filters, he noted that the platform tends to be less user-friendly, and lacks the ability to tag friends. As a result, Cutshall has abandoned Snapchat altogether, calling Instagram a “one-stop shop” for photos, videos, stories, and live.

For additional findings, check out Mediakix’s report in full right here.