Helping You Help Your Brand - An Interview with Royal Robbins’ Mea Christie

Mea Christie is busy. As Ecommerce Manager for the lifestyle clothing brand Royal Robbins, she manages a huge range of activities. Royal Robbins generates a significate portion of their revenue from online sales, so things like SEO, shopping cart design and product descriptions take up a big chunk of her bandwidth.

Oh… and she also handles social media marketing. For many brand managers, social media is not their only job. Most companies recognize the need to manage and track their social media presence, but most managers have other pressing responsibilities.

That’s why HubNami has a whole range of custom services to support the managers who use our metrics tools. In a quick interview with Mea, we captured some of the reasons that HubNami customers love our custom services, custom reports and support.

HN: How did you get started with HubNami?

MC: We started out using the metrics tool. We quickly realized that the tool was generating a lot of valuable data that we didn’t have time to analyze or act on. Also, we started learning things about our paid social effectiveness and needed to make some changes. The problem was that we didn’t have the bandwidth to put time into it on a regular basis. We hired HubNami to connect all the dots, to take the metrics we were getting and pair it with our internal goals, to keep us focused and pro-active.

HN: What changed about your social media program when you started using HubNami’s services?

MC: We were finally able to track our competitors’ social activity at a granular level and use that information to refine our approach. I also started to have consistent insight into how my influencers were doing and it let me know how to direct them, what to ask from them. We were just generally able to keep a much better eye on our social media presence. 

One thing that has been huge is the way HubNami handles our paid advertising. Justin knows us really well and has such a great grasp of all of our data and the paid social ecosystem. He knows what has to be done and can do it so much faster than I can. He has taken our paid social to a whole new level, which is really important right now. We know we are getting better ROI with this program.

HN: How does HubNami’s work support you as a social media manager?

MC: I think the best thing is that I don’t have to think about it. I know we are collecting the right information and I know that that information is getting used. I can trust that we are applying all that data. If I need numbers, HubNami has them at hand. I know that they are relevant and that our team will have help turning them into action. It’s so much better with HubNami on board.