Why Are Engaged Users Better Than Facebook Fans?

As we have said before in this blog, Facebook is all about engagement. When you are defining engagement, one of the most important components is “Engaged Users”. Many businesses keep a close eye on their Facebook fan count. Facebook fans are users who have liked a page and who have opted to receive updates for a page’s administrator. These people are important but, once they like a page, they can sit forever without generating new activity. Measuring engaged users goes well beyond fan count and is arguably a much better indicator of marketing health.

The engaged users term represents how many unique people have clicked on an individual post, for a given 28 day period.  This metric gives you the current number of people who are interacting with your page. Total engaged users represents the overall number of these users.

The engaged users insight may be the single most important indicator of the health of your content. It also gives you understanding of your most valuable audience segment. Bottom line is that these are the people who are actively consuming and sharing your content. Understanding who they are is priceless to your brand.

Facebook calculates Engaged Users as users who have engaged with your page, including clicks and stories created. You will see this metric in Facebook Insights at the Page and Post levels. Facebook Insights is under your avatar on the left side of your business page. Click on the Insights link and look at Page Posts for the column called Engaged Users. You can search the Total Engaged Users column to see which posts are attracting the most clicks. Using this feature will help you identify content that is resonating with your users.

If you look at engaged users and reach together they can give you a read on whether that engagement is driven by content or visibility (ie. paid ads). Watching the engaged users over reach or taking engaged users as a percentage of fans over time, will give you a very accurate assessment of how active your audience is.

The number of engaged users is vital in another way. Because of the Facebook algorithm, your engaged user metric directly impacts the organic reach of your posts. If people aren’t engaged, Facebook will stop showing your content to them. That fact alone makes the engaged users number a key piece of information for any social media marketing team, one that takes your understanding of your business far beyond the world of fans.