How To Use HubNami Social Media ROI


Using the new HubNami Social Media ROI tool is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. You are just a few simple steps away from seeing the actual ROI numbers behind all of your social media campaigns. Keep ROI in front of your team and learn exactly which social media efforts are driving your sales. With HubNami Social Media ROI you can be responsive to real-world, real-time data in a way that has never been possible before.

Instantly answer questions like…

  • Should I add more money to this paid social post or should I just move on?
  • Is this post actually driving my revenue?
  • Is it driving my KPI’s? Profit? Conversions?
  • What exactly is it about this post that’s making people engage with it?


Step 1 – Define The ROI Goals You Want To Track

This is a simple, one time step that prompts you to think through what a successful ROI transaction means to you. To make ROI tracking work, you will need to define your important user transactions (purchases, downloads, signups, and inquiries). For each transaction type you want to track, enter the URLs that indicate a successful completion of the transaction (such as a purchase confirmation page). 

Once these URL’s are entered, you simply install the HubNami tracking code to your website. Although these are straightforward steps, you may want to get your web administration involved here, just to keep your whole team on the same page.

Step 2 – Create Campaigns & Posts

When you are ready to track a new campaign or post, the steps are quick and simple. First, create a new campaign or choose an existing one.

Use the intuitive interface to create a new post. Choose the name, campaign, landing page and paid social cost, then click “Get Link To Publish”.

Copy your new trackable link.

Post your trackable link in the channel and immediately begin to watch your ROI.


Step 3 – Track Your ROI

Use the Dashboard for a quick glance at your current ROI activity. See instantly which channels are driving your sales numbers, clicks and views and which channels are costing you the most. 



Dig deeper into the specifics of campaigns, posts and transactions for a more granular view into each category.

Easily download reports and csv files to share with your team.