What Is Facebook Boosting?


Facebook boosting allows you to pay to make business posts appear higher on your target audience’s news feed. Boosted posts also appear more often, making them more likely to be seen. Facebook algorithms deliberately lower the organic reach of brand pages to give users more personal content on their feeds. Boosting helps you, as a business, level the playing field a little. 

Boosted Posts

Boosted posts are easy to use and often very powerful. From your main Facebook page, you simply click on the “boost” button below the post and then decide how much you are willing to pay. The amount you pay determines the reach of the boost. You can manage this directly from the page the post is on. Boosting is a great tool when your objective is to gain greater audience engagement – likes, shares, comments, etc.

Boosted posts look identical to organic posts, so they don’t necessarily stand out as advertising content. You can specify audience age, gender and location, but boosted posts cannot offer granular targeting options, call to action buttons or scheduling. They are simply a way to get seen (and hopefully engaged) by more people.

Promoted Posts/News Feed Ads

If you are looking for more customization, more analytics and more ways to target specific markets, using “boosting” from within Facebook Ads Manager will expand your options. From inside Facebook Ads Manager, you can create promoted newsfeed ad posts, which give you the benefits of a boosted post, plus all the tracking and targeting power of Facebook Ads Manager.

If you are going to spend the money on a promoted post, it pays to take the time and effort to understand your analytics and use the targeting features. These will let you direct the promotion around audience interest, language and behavior, as well as age, gender and location. Since you can create the promoted post within the Ads Manager console, you also get more control of the image, will be able to add multiple images and can use ad scheduling. Promoted posts are labeled in grey as sponsored, just under the business name.

However you decide to use Facebook boosting, it can be a powerful part of your social media marketing plan. Pick posts that are already doing well organically or create ones that are supporting an aspect of your business that needs high visibility. Make sure you meet the Facebook Ad content guidelines, because all boosts and promotions must be approved just like regular ads.  Whether you are boosting from your page or using Ads Manager, plan to track the effectiveness of your boost. Then simply click, pay and enjoy the extra attention.