What Is Facebook Business Manager?




Business Manager is a free Facebook tool that allows you to safely share access to ad accounts and pages with multiple users. It is ideal for larger companies that use multiple people to manage a page or for agencies that need access to accounts owned by clients. Business Manager offers you a consolidated dashboard to access all of the pages you manage. It also fully integrates Ads Manager and Power Editor.

Security, security, security – The most compelling reason to use Business Manager is to keep your pages and ad accounts safe. As a business, your social media interface (or your clients’) is sacred. Stories of hijacked administrator passwords, disgruntled ex-employees and viral PR disasters haunt the dreams of social media managers. In the bad old days, people came up with a number of creative workarounds to let multiple users access one Facebook account. All of these solutions were wildly unsafe by today’s cyber-security standards.

With Business Manager, you can see at a glance who has access to any given page or account. You have real-time visibility into the activities of each user, making it much easier to track and direct a creative team. Different users can be assigned appropriate permissions and anyone who leaves the team can have their access immediately revoked. You can also take over management of a client’s account without requiring them to give you ownership of it. In short, you get all the features you need to keep your pages secure.

Simplicity and professionalism – Business Manager will also solve some basic issues endemic to the Facebook ecosystem. For one, it keeps you and your group focused on your work. When you log in, you get a clear view of the pages and accounts you are managing and access to Ads Manager and Power Editor, while by-passing all personal pages, notifications and news feeds. If you are someone who manages a social media team, the value of this feature can’t really be overstated.

Facebook Business Manager also allows you to work with people without becoming their Facebook friend. Again, this is an invaluable feature, eliminating all kinds of obvious complications between co-workers, vendors and clients. The clear organization of Business Manager was also designed to minimize managed posts accidentally going to the wrong account, a problem that used to happen frequently with some of the more common pre-Manager workarounds. Good systems are professional and Business Manager will definitely up your game if you choose to use it.

Business Manager isn’t for everyone. As with many of the professional user tools Facebook offers, Business Manager requires time and energy to implement. It is essentially an ongoing response to the many issues businesses have had trying to scale the use of the Facebook Ads platform. Because of this, Business Manager has a reputation for being perpetually in beta and for being a little buggy. That said, it has improved over time and remains the only solution for business trying to manage multiple Facebook permissions in a secure and professional way.

Given its complexity, Business Manager probably isn’t for the small business owner managing one account. It may even be more trouble than it is worth for a small, in-house media team. However, if you are an agency managing multiple accounts or a company that with a large social media team, consider adding Business Manager to your toolbox. It was created just for you.