What Is Facebook Power Editor?

Facebook offers several options to help you maximize your effectiveness in their Ads world. How you use them depends on your needs and your willingness to learn the ropes. Although Ads Manager is a great fundamental tool, Facebook Power Editor is a free, Chrome-based plug-in that adds a lot of important features for organizations running multiple campaigns over multiple platforms. Power Editor can be a little less intuitive than Ads Manager, but is well worth the work if you have a full ad schedule with Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s why…

Easily Create Multiple Ads – Power Editor is specially designed for creating multiple ads, ad sets or campaigns and is especially useful if you plan on making regular changes to ads based on performance. Compared to Ads Manager, Power Editor is a much faster creator and requires less manual work and setup. It also has a stronger review feature, helping you eliminate guesswork before going live.

Take Bulk Action – One of the reasons Power Editor is faster is because it does such a good job of supporting bulk actions. In it, you can edit multiple features in multiple campaigns, ad sets or ads, all at once. Power Editor was designed specifically to allow multiple edits, so it makes sense that it is the winning choice.

Copy Successful Ads – Power Editor lets you copy your most effective campaigns, ad sets and ads with one or two clicks and to duplicate all the objectives and detail you have worked so hard to refine. As with many actions, you can do this in Ads Manager, but it takes many more steps and is significantly slower. 

Enjoy Constant Improvements and Updates - Facebook often (but not always) rolls out its new ad management features in Power Editor first. This gives Power Editor users the advantage of Facebook’s latest and greatest marketing insights. Considering the scale of Facebook’s data collection and its focus on advertizing revenue, this is a big perk. 

And A Few Limitations... Recent changes to Ads Manager have made it the better tool for monitoring results, demographics and other metrics. Power Editor does track metrics, but it isn’t as customizable and has fewer and less meaningful graphs.

So, before you pass on learning Power Editor, take a closer look. If you are a larger business running multiple Facebook and Instagram ads, you owe yourself the many advantages that Power Editor offers. If you are a small to mid-sized user, consider investing a little extra time and reaping the rewards of this sophisticated tool. You will probably find that a little effort goes a long way toward making your social media marketing hours effective and efficient.