What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook has defined a generation of social media use. It has also invested its resources into making that popularity pay – for itself and for its users. Because of this, the world of Facebook Ads is a complicated universe, constantly changing and evolving.

Facebook has developed Ads Manager to help its Ads users tame the complexity. This tool guides users through a simple, powerful, start-to-finish marketing process. Because Facebook has millions of users and the ability to track results on a massive scale, Ads Manager has the potential to give even the smallest brand a huge competitive advantage. Here’s how it can make your marketing life better and easier…

Create Ads – Ads Manager helps you create ads that are well-considered and make marketing sense. Before you design an ad, Ads Manager prompts you to carefully consider your ad objectives (band awareness, reach, local awareness). It also prompts you to review the metrics you want consider when tracking your ad (traffic, engagement, app installs, etc.) and the audience demographic, including the placement patterns of the ad you are creating. Once these critical questions are answered, you can move on to the mechanics of ad creation, including an in-app design tool, scheduling, budgeting, split testing, call-to-action and launch. This systematic approach forces you to ask the right questions and increases the chances that you will learn from your marketing efforts.

Manage Ads – One your ads are created and launched, the desktop and mobile apps give you constant access to them. Organize them by ad, ad set or campaign and edit them on the fly as they run across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Measure the Results – The measurement tool gives you lots of flexibility to capture your results in a variety of ways. Facebook gives you easy to use “Breakdowns”, which fall into three general categories;delivery, action and time. Delivery tells you what type of person is viewing your ad and how your viewership is split between different demographics. Action helps you track what your viewers did after viewing your ad. Did they click, buy, share? Time gives you many ways to slice and dice what happened with your ads, ad sets and campaigns during any given time period. The measurement tools in Ads Manager are customizable and deep, allowing you to look at your results in the way that most makes sense to you. For those who like pictures, there are also lots of graphs and charts to choose from. 

If the above sounds basic to you, think again. Ads Manager is actually a well considered interface, to capture a really complicated set of data, in a highly useable form. If you have a marketing program that relies heavily on Facebook and Instagram, understanding Ads Manager is a must. It pulls all of your ad pieces together and helps you make sense of the treasure trove of data generated when you run ads with Facebook. Most importantly, it helps you use your marketing time wisely, whether you are a one-person shop or a manager at large, brand-focused organization.