First Click Attribution is Still the First Choice For Many


In the world of social media marketing, accurate attribution is an enduring goal. We all want to know where our business is coming from and how we can generate more. Although there are increasingly complex ways of measuring attribution, first click has remained the go-to model for brands trying to measure their ROI. Why?

It’s clear and simple – First click attribution uses data that is clean and unambiguous. First click is simply first click. Unlike some of the more complicated attribution models, first click doesn’t require that you screen out untagged data and it doesn’t depend on educated guesses about what weight to assign certain activities. In other models, dirty data and variables that are subject to human error can quickly lead your marketing budget off track.

It is brand-centric – For companies that know that their marketing goals are focused on brand building, first touch attribution is a must. Brand building relies on raising awareness about your brand and its campaigns. First touch is notably the best attribution metric for tracking that type of contact and activity. 

It works - Recent studies have shown that, as a group, email marketing, paid social, paid search and web-based ads are the most effective ways to spend advertising dollars in today’s business ecosystem. Studies have also shown that first click attribution is ideal for tracking social media driven marketing programs.

There are a lot of options out there for calculating attribution. However, the first click attribution model remains a fantastic path for any business where brand building and social media are fundamentals in the marketing plan.