Twitter Makes Some Changes

Hubnami Prepares for Twitter Lengthening

On May 24th Twitter announced more improvements to their rapidly changing landscape. In the past few months they have added polls, GIF capability and Periscope video. Within the next few weeks they will be rolling out expanded retweeting and quote tweeting, along with other features that make broadcasting easier.  

However, the most exciting part of the announcement is that certain elements will no longer be considered part of the 140-character count. The Twitter character count and its limitations have created a literary art form, so every addition or subtraction causes a lot of excitement in the Twittersphere. Attachments like photos, GIFs, videos, polls, or Quote Tweets will no longer take up characters in the count and neither will @names in replies.

The HubNami technical team is working behind the scenes to make the transition seamless for our Twitter users. We want to keep you headache-free, so that you can celebrate with all of those extra characters.